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ATSI Robotics is a team of dedicated problem-solving enthusiasts. Innovative industrial automation solutions are our passion. Adding value to your business is our purpose. With nearly 30 years of experience providing customized and full-service turnkey products and services, we are ready to evaluate your systems with our expert approach, and deliver you manufacturing excellence - helping you meet today's challenges and tomorrow's demands.

Technical Services

ATSI Robotics professionals are equipped with industry leading resources and prepared to service any of your industrial automation needs at your request.


Controls Engineering and Design


Mechanical Engineering and Design


Simulation Engineering


Prototype Manufacturing and 3D Printing


Electrical Control Panel Wiring


End of Arm Tooling Design and Build


Fabricated Components and Fixtures Design and Build


Mechanical Assembly of Robotic Systems


PLC, HMI, Robot Programming and Optimization



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To get you started or to keep you going, automation can be quite technical – we’ve got you covered. Allow our tech guru’s to service your automation needs today!

    Core Integrations

    Featured Applications


    Now and in the future, Robotics and industrial automation will continue to be added across all sectors to fulfill specific business needs. With the advancement of technology in mechanical and digital processes, industry leaders are reaping multiple rewards by adapting to global changes and positioning themselves with the competitive advantage of automation. What processes in your business are waiting to be modernized?


    Our professionals are standing by eager to offer new and exciting applications to your problems! The possibilities are endless...

    Are you ready to increase your production and safety while lowering operation costs? See how you can get outstanding results with an ATSI Robotics Custom Automated Solution.

    Why Go Automated?

    Robots don’t take lunch breaks, holidays or vacation, they don’t call in sick, quit or retire. When it comes to reliability, consistency, accuracy, and efficiency, automated solutions are an easy and exciting choice.

    Increase Productivity
    Adding automation to your processes can increase production throughput by up to 20 times compared to standard labour. This means that your business will be able to fill purchase orders faster – creating an opportunity for more orders.
    Increase Profitability
    The one-time fee of purchasing and implementing a custom automated solution guarantees your return on investment by perpetually saving on labour expenses – leaving more profits invested in your business.
    Increase Safety
    By replacing difficult, dangerous or just simple monotonous work with robotics you can ensure that safety is also a top priority in your business.

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