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Founder/CEO John Couch

After graduating from Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology and becoming a Designated Masters Electrician, John spent over a decade working in Automation fulfilling various technical positions for different employers. In this time, having established a reputation of hard work, dedication and innovative ideas, the demand for John’s expertise eventually became so high that he admits, sleep was hard to come by.

While providing engineering support to Ford Essex engine plant for their 3.8l and 4.2l engine launch, during the day - and simultaneously contracting robotics installation services to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for their RS Minivan launch at night, John knew it was time to build a team and leverage his knowledge and skills so that he could help more people.

Today John is the owner and CEO of ATSI Robotics. As an automation and robotics company his business provides Custom Automated Solutions and related technical services for all industries across the globe. Don’t let his picture fool you! Every day at ATSI Robotics he is busy at work pushing the boundaries, expanding their reach, and servicing his loyal clients. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself speaking with him directly when you request a quote.

atsi owner and ceo

About ATSI Robotics

In 1993 John Couch Incorporated ATSI Robotics in Windsor Ontario, Canada. We started out by simply providing technical support for local automotive companies, troubleshooting and optimizing their automated systems. Now ATSI Robotics is a leader in robotic and automation technology – specializing in Custom Automated Solutions and related technical support services.

With a knowledgeable and experienced team and a values-based approach, ATSI Robotics continually proves why our clients love us so much; We deliver quality and innovation while maintaining an ethical, go-getting, forward thinking culture.

From first contact to concept development, from engineering to programming, and from testing to delivery, our goal is to add value to your business, in the form of increased productivity, profitability and safety.

If you’re looking for automation products that integrate robotics, vision systems, control panels or HMI and PLC systems then you’re in the right place. And if you’re looking for controls, mechanical and simulation engineering and design, including troubleshooting and optimization services then allow us to provide you with a free quote.

At ATSI Robotics we're here to deliver you manufacturing excellence so that you can meet today's challenges and tomorrow's demands.

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